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We are proud to announce a new way to access the Birth Emergency Skills Training¬ģ workshop! Now you can still learn the BEST materials and skills even when you can't attend a hands-on skills workshop.

Our comprehensive online program provides 16 hours of learning divided into 8 modules. It comes complete with video / audio lectures, video demonstrations, reflective discussions, downloadable PDF's and other resources.

While working through this program, you can interact both with the instructors as well as other participants via the discussion board. When complete, you test your understanding with (2) 25 question quizzes designed to reinforce key understanding.

Advantages of the online program include; 24 hour access from anywhere in the world, ability to review the material as many times as needed or desired, pdf copy of the BEST skills manual along with other useful resources. 

Come and learn with us to better serve  your community!

BEST ONLINE ONLY costs $395 and is accredited through MEAC for 16 contact hours (1.6 CEUs). 

*Bridge Certificate Eligible*

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Details about BEST ONLINE

Our BEST online program has been designed to walk participants through the essential steps in managing birth emergencies.  We recommend attending a live workshop if you are able but if you can not, please practice these skills on your own until you gain proficiency.

In this evidence based program, you will learn:

* B.E.S.T Concepts, Mnemonics and Algorithms

* Facilitate smooth transfers to the hospital when necessary

* Early recognition of developing problems and how to manage, treat and/or stabilize for transport

*Increase awareness and competence in caring for diverse populations and understanding racial disparities

*Recognize at risk pregnancies

*Root causes and management of intrapartum bleeding with a thorough review of antihemorrhagic medications and other life saving management techniques

*Recognition and management of pregnancy hypertension 

*Manage postpartum hemorrhage with confidence and competence by targeting treatment strategies at the root cause

*Manage shoulder dystocia effectively

*Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) review 

*Techniques for safe transport of mother presenting with cord prolapse

*Management of shock and stabilization for transport

*Review IV insertion and fluid administration for out of hospital providers

You have access to the materials for 1 year and have the opportunity to attend a LIVE workshop within 1 year of purchase for an additional charge. The program is full of downloadable pdf's and resources for further learning. 

Ready to be the BEST possible Midwife you can be?

What will I learn in the BEST Programs?

Don't leave yourself wondering if your knowledge and skills are up to date!

Birth Emergency Skills Training®

Participant testimonials, shared with permission.

"I drove to the workshop feeling a little silly for even coming b/c I was considering leaving midwifery. I've had two traumatic births in my first year, I'm realizing my apprenticeship didn't prepare me well, my confidence was lacking so much that I couldn't even call myself a midwife easily. 

After completing it, I walked away a different midwife. Yes, I am a midwife and I know how to handle scary situations. I am equipped and ready. I think this training probably will become a turning point in my midwifery story.

Thank you for so thoughtfully framing the hands on portion as a place FOR us to learn whatever we need and not just for us to use to check off that we've attended/performed. It really was created to meet our individual needs, whatever they were when we walked in the doors. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God bless you rich!"

"This workshop was exactly what I needed to overcome some traumatic births."

"I loved that I could tell Andrea exactly what I needed to practice and she led it."

"I really appreciated the accessibility of the online course, as well as the in person portion. Being able to pace myself and take in the online material helped my learning -- I could take breaks as needed and let the material sink in in ways that are difficult when all the material is presented all at once in an in person-only format. It worked really well for me."

"The in depth review we receive in this workshop is need for the safety of our patients and our livelihoods. Your workshops are a blessing!"

“BEST was fantastic, it was hands down the best CEU course I have ever taken in my 25 years of being a Nurse-Midwife”



Don't let the sun set

on your birth emergency skills.

Take a

Birth Emergency Skills Training®

program and be prepared for the unexpected!




When you are well equipped and prepared to handle anything, you can relax and sink in, to fully supporting the birthing mother before you.





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