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Meet your BEST Instructors and Online Program Creators!

Andrea Dixon, RN, CNM

Andrea Dixon is the Creator and Instructor of the well known Birth Emergency Skills Training® workshop, based on Bonnie U. Gruenbergs text, and has practiced midwifery since 1980.

As a home birth midwife, she attended women in the largest geographical area of California while co-managing a busy birth center. More recently, she served as a full scope partner in a large, high risk, urban hospital,  and a private practice coupled with home and birth center midwifery.

In her birthing career she has attended over 1,000 births. She has a passion for education and offering workshops to a large scope of birth workers and practitioners.

Currently, she offers neonatal resuscitation (NRP) training and Birth Emergency Skills Training (BEST). 

Live workshops are offered through Family Way Educational Services nationally and internationally and have inspired safer more prepared births.​

​"Blessed births are BEST prepared!"

Avril Bowens BSN-RN, CPM

Avril Bowens is an instructor with Birth Emergency Skills Training® workshop, co-developer of the new online program and has been involved with birth since 1998.

She owned and operated a small home birth midwifery practice, Mountain Home Maternity, in the North Carolina mountains for 15 years where she facilitated families with the calm and safe birth of hundreds of babies.

She also worked as a hospital based RN while attending the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program at Georgetown University.

Along with partnering with Andrea with BEST, she has created the "Sew Savvy Suturing Workshop" for community midwives and "Rise up Ready" - a year long, holistic midwifery mentorship program with a focus on self transformation and stress management that can then be taught to clients where anxiety and other mental health challenges are becoming more and more common. 

The Midwife Method empowers pregnant women and people with the education, skills and tools they need to not only experience healthy pregnancies and grow healthy babies but helps folks step into parenthood informed and confident! **If you have a high client load and are looking for holistic education for your clients, you can trust the Midwife Method to take care of that for you (affiliate links available). Email [email protected] for details. 

Effective and Competent Care is rooted in Comprehensive Education, Professional Guidance and Compassionate Support 

Meet the Author 'Birth Emergency Skills Training'

Bonnie U. Gruenberg, CNM, MSN, CRNP, former EMT-P 


Bonnie is the author of the award winning book, Birth Emergency Skills Training; Manual for Out-of-Hospital Midwives and co-developer of the workshop by the same name. She has caught more than 2,000 babies to date in the home, in a free-standing birth center, and in the hospital. She currently works for Wellspan Health in Lancaster County, PA.

Bonnie has written and illustrated 12 books on topics ranging from midwifery and maternity care to wild horse management. She is currently completing the second edition of Birth Emergency Skills Training®

and is developing a eclectic tutorial website at

She enjoys painting, photography, film making, and hobby farming and also illustrates her own books.

Birth Emergency Skills Training®

Participant testimonials, shared with permission.

"I drove to the workshop feeling a little silly for even coming b/c I was considering leaving midwifery. I've had two traumatic births in my first year, I'm realizing my apprenticeship didn't prepare me well, my confidence was lacking so much that I couldn't even call myself a midwife easily. 

After completing it, I walked away a different midwife. Yes, I am a midwife and I know how to handle scary situations. I am equipped and ready. I think this training probably will become a turning point in my midwifery story.

Thank you for so thoughtfully framing the hands on portion as a place FOR us to learn whatever we need and not just for us to use to check off that we've attended/performed. It really was created to meet our individual needs, whatever they were when we walked in the doors. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God bless you rich!"

"This workshop was exactly what I needed to overcome some traumatic births."

"I loved that I could tell Andrea exactly what I needed to practice and she led it."

"I really appreciated the accessibility of the online course, as well as the in person portion. Being able to pace myself and take in the online material helped my learning -- I could take breaks as needed and let the material sink in in ways that are difficult when all the material is presented all at once in an in person-only format. It worked really well for me."

"The in depth review we receive in this workshop is need for the safety of our patients and our livelihoods. Your workshops are a blessing!"

“BEST was fantastic, it was hands down the best CEU course I have ever taken in my 25 years of being a Nurse-Midwife”


Don't let the sun set

on your birth emergency skills.

Take a 

Birth Emergency Skills Training®

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When you are well equipped and prepared to handle anything, you can relax and sink into fully supporting the birthing before you. 




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